About Novahub

WiFi. Working for You

The Novahub story begins in 2003 when Cambridge-based entrepreneur Simon Osborne launched a business to focus on WiFi based solutions for businesses and organisations.

Novahub is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) specialising in WiFi Solutions. We help organisations address their business and operational challenges with reliable, secure and fast WiFi infrastructure and operations.

Our Managed Service forms the foundation of our solutions.  It can, in effect, be seen as our customers on-site expertise which takes care of their service operation.  This approach allows customers to concentrate on running their own business operations.  It avoids the expensive and disruptive burden for staff who would otherwise need to deal with specialized technical issues, ongoing maintenance and customer issues.

Simon Osborne

Your trusted WiFi partner

Novahub aims to deliver reliable, secure and fast WiFi services that work consistently to provide excellent coverage and speed.

We believe WiFi should be an enabler, providing organisations and their users with an engaging experience that supports business operations and delivers a return on investment.

We want to be your trusted WiFi partner, taking care of the complex but essential business services provided through WiFi technology and efficiently integrating them into your business operations.