Small & Large Venue WiFi

Venue WiFi is the ideal solution for locations which host events, exhibitions, attractions, or conferences. Venues need to attract and retain visitors, and support existing staff and ongoing operations, and are often attended by significant numbers of users.

Venues can be notoriously difficult to cover and provide reliable WiFi, especially when they get busy. This is where Novahub’s experience comes in. Our WiFi fully managed, advanced Venue WiFi is designed to specifically work with high-capacity and highly demanding connectivity.

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Reliable Connectivity for Venue Services

Venue WiFi allows you to cope with the complexity of running venues. Additional systems and services such as tills or PoS, ticket scanning, special group access, all can be carried over the same infrastructure.

Customers more often now have specific technical demands. This can be connectivity for streaming video, support for hybrid events, or event online interaction. Our managed service means we are there to help you for all customer needs when you need it.

We ensure each service requirement gets dedicated bandwidth and does not slow down or get swamped when the event is busy. We ensure your WiFi remains stable and reliable at all times.

Monetise Your Venue WiFi

Our solution enables you to consider additional revenue streams. Through the WiFi we can help you promote and advertise your venue services, deals or promotions.

Capture information about your venue usage and customer behaviors and use the data to enhance and target your marketing.

As part of managed service for you, we can liaise directly with your clients on your behalf to support them with their technical requirements, and resell them your venue connectivity services.

Venue WiFi: at a glance

What is Venue WiFi?

A Novahub-managed service that overlays your existing WiFi infrastructure, enhancing and adding value to your venue and service by engaging visitors.

Who is Venue WiFi aimed at?

Organisations that rely on attracting and retaining visitors or want to support existing users with an improved user experience. Ideal for organisations that want to deliver service improvements and gain value from existing WiFi infrastructure.

How much does Venue WiFi cost?

You will be charged based on the size of your venue. Billing consists of a setup fee followed by a monthly service contract.

Next steps

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