Co-Working & Multi-Tenants

Multi-Tenant WiFi provides reliable, secure internet provisioning and access for property managers and tenants.

For commercial venues such as shared office co-working spaces or shopping centres, Multi-Tenant WiFi provides internet access that meets the unique access, security, bandwidth control and network management requirements of individual commercial tenants across a site.

For multi-family residential apartments, student housing, senior living, or housing, multi-Tenant WiFi allows property managers to easily provision access for their residential tenants across the property.

Lower Cost WiFi, Greater Performance for All

Many multi-tenant properties just leave the tenant to sort out their own connectivity, WiFi and internet. This leads to an uncoordinated confusion of WiFi setup causing interference, poor performance and multiple internet connections.

Our WiFi allows you to utilise the same infrastructure and internet for everyone. Each customer will only see and use their own dedicated network.

Multi-Tenant WiFi is our off-the-shelf solution which comes complete as an overlay to your current WiFi system and integrates into our Cloud service. A simple onboarding process allows tenants their own portal to choose their passwords and other network settings.

Great for Co-Working

Co-working is a form of multi-tenant shared office or work space.  For people who are self-employed or working for different employers, or need a temporary work space, we can provide easy secure access to shared resources, and enable hassle free working.

Our WiFi solution allows secure network partitioning to ensure user groups are kept safe and separate, whilst onboarding of users is simple and easy. Multi-Tenant WiFi offers property-wide Wi-Fi for each subscriber and tenant.

Helping every tenant with WiFi connectivity

Novahub can guarantee coverage on every WiFi connectivity solution that we survey and design.  It requires complex technical expertise in WiFi solutions, which comes with over 20 years’ experience. 

Features of our multi-dwelling units WiFi solution include:

  • Dedicate secure network provided for each tenant or resident.
  • Single WiFi network for entire property for reduced complexity and ease-of-use
  • Easy on-boarding of guest devices.
  • Tenants can connect anywhere within the property
  • Personal network and Wi-Fi passcode for each tenant so data is kept secure

Hospitality & Hotel WiFi: at a glance

What is Hospitality & Hotel WiFi?

A Novahub-managed service that overlays on your existing WiFi infrastructure, providing branded landing page and guest internet access.

Who is Hospitality & Hotel WiFi aimed at?

Any hospitality venue or location who has guests and visitors, and wants to provide the best and most convenient experience possible.

How much does Hospitality & Hotel WiFi cost?

You will be charged based on the size of your network and the features you want to use. Billing consists of a setup fee followed by a monthly service contract.

Next steps

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