Visitor & Hotspot WiFi

Our Visitor & Hotspot WiFi is a ready-to-go solution that complements your existing WiFi system.

Whether you’re a visitor attraction, hotel, retail store or festival, you’ll enjoy a wealth of customisation options such as setting up bespoke splash pages, surveys, unique advertising and promotions, supporting multiple languages, multiple login and onboarding options, and user verification.

Our solution allows for the collection of data and consent while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and your company’s requirements.

Your Own Bespoke WiFi Landing Page

Available with your Visitor & Hotspot WiFi is your own integrated bespoke landing page and web app. Customised to represent your business or operation, it can be accessible to every visitor.

Gain all the advantages of an app, without the need to download or register, and providing seamless and friction free access to your internet. We provide a range of features for you, which we can setup and support for you.

Provide content specific to your location or business. Integrate into your advertising, marketing and loyalty platforms. Obtain detailed stats on daily, weekly and monthly connections, unique users, and trends.

WiFi to Engage Your Customers

Visitor & Hotspot WiFi is a fully managed, advanced guest WiFi solution that enables organisations to offer WiFi services to customers, guests, residents and visitors.

It’s ideal for organisations that want to engage better with customers, residents and visitors via WiFi, and offer a value-added service. It enhances and promotes your venue and services, providing valuable insights into customer behaviour.

Guest WiFi increases customer satisfaction, promotes your brand and services, and delivers content to your guests based on their on-site behavior. It enables you to discover how guests behave across your venue and helps make data-driven decisions.

WiFi Solutions for LCV2018

Hospitality & Hotel WiFi: at a glance

What is Hospitality & Hotel WiFi?

A Novahub-managed service that overlays on your existing WiFi infrastructure, providing branded landing page and guest internet access.

Who is Hospitality & Hotel WiFi aimed at?

Any hospitality venue or location who has guests and visitors, and wants to provide the best and most convenient experience possible.

How much does Hospitality & Hotel WiFi cost?

You will be charged based on the size of your network and the features you want to use. Billing consists of a setup fee followed by a monthly service contract.

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