Published 03rd October 2022 | Blog Article

Too many WiFi networks! The proper way to deal with Multi-Tenant WiFi.

We’re seeing this all too often these days.  You try to get onto your own office WiFi network but it’s swamped with dozens of other WiFi networks.  This mass invasion of the WiFi airwaves causes massive interference and congestion.  But it does not have to be this way.

So, What is Happening?

Everyone wants access to WiFi.  It’s becoming a necessity.  In multi-tenant spaces, the problem is amplified as each tenant sets up their own WiFi.  But the frequency spectrum is limited.  There is no co-ordination of WiFi channels, it’s a free-for-all, and as a result, everyone’s WiFi slows down.

A radio signal knows no bounds (well almost).  It will pass through most walls and floors, and extend in other areas, regardless of who is residence in these other areas.  It’s limited in range (or power), but can still reach through many areas in a building.

Co-ordinating WiFi in this space is hard to do.  WiFi is ‘unlicensed’ and anyone is allowed to turn it on and transmit.

How do I offer WiFi in Multi-Tenant Spaces?

Congested WiFi in multi-tenant spaces need not be the case.  There is a solution.  Tenants generally want to have their own dedicated private secure WiFi network, free from congestion.  Free to roam across the building, from their own space into common areas, and securely connect their own users and devices.

This can be provided by the building owner or operator with a multi-tenanted WiFi solution.  For example, it can be bundled into their existing packages or services, or provided as value added service.

Each tenant can be enabled to self-manage their own WiFi within the multi-tenanted network.  They can add users and devices as they want.  They can change their own WiFi passwords.  Importantly, it will seem to them that they are the only users in the buildings.  Their data traffic is kept completely segmented and secure from everyone else’s.

What’s to stop the ongoing proliferation of other networks?

Realistically, you can’t prevent people bringing their own WiFi.  But consider this: you control the infrastructure, so you can control what is plugged into it, including any additional WiFi access points.

You can provide a service that is more superior and better value than a tenant can provide on their own.  This includes the internet connection; you can effectively aggregate all tenant’s internet connections onto a much large pipe, and hence offer much better value.

By implementing multi-tenant WiFi, you remove a key reason which makes tenants set up their own WiFi and internet connection.

Novahub offers a multi-tenant WiFi solution

As part of our WiFi Managed Service Provider offering, we can survey, design, implement and support a multi-tenant WiFi solution for you, including the internet connectivity.  This is backed-up with our coverage guarantee and 24/7 monitoring and support.

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