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Novahub Appointed “Official WiFi Provider” of Cambridge Live

Novahub Press Release – July 2018, Cambridge, UK                                                                             


Cambridge-based WiFi provider Novahub has been appointed as the official WiFi provider for by Cambridge Live, the not-for-profit charity that runs the Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge Folk Festival and a range of other outdoor events in the city.

Official WiFi Provider

Novahub is providing its free WiFi service at the Corn Exchange so that concert-goers, artists and staff can benefit from free Internet access within this popular historic venue.

Free WiFi will also be available for visitors to Cambridge Live events including the Big Weekend in June and the Cambridge Folk Festival later in the year.

Novahub’s CEO Simon Osborne commented:

We are delighted to have been appointed as Cambridge Live’s official WiFi provider.

“Our goal at the Corn Exchange – and at the Big Weekend and Folk Festival – is to provide free WiFi so every visitor can benefit from an easy-to-use and consistent WiFi experience.

“It’s for visitors, staff and everyone attending music concerts and events, whether that’s 100 or 10,000+ people.”

Novahub combines “smart” WiFi connectivity that users can connect to wherever there is a Novahub presence.

For organisations wanting to offer WiFi services to their customers, guests, visitors or staff, Novahub provides excellent business service and a solid customer understanding, enabling them to engage with their user communities to deliver shared benefits and value.

Neil Jones, Operations Director of Cambridge Live said:

It’s great to have Novahub on board delivering our WiFi services across all our Cambridge Live venues and events. Our hope is that it will enhance the experience of all our customers.

“WiFi is one of those everyday necessities that people increasingly expect and rely on, so it’s vital we have a solid and dependable partner to deliver a reliable service.”



About Novahub

Novahub moves WiFi to the next level with smart connectivity, end-user engagement, and real-time location-aware content that enhances the experience of customers, visitors and guests at a range of locations across the UK.

The Novahub story begins in 2003 when Cambridge-based entrepreneur Simon Osborne founded Teleostec, a business that delivers public WiFi, Wireless & Broadband solutions.

Today, with over 15 years’ experience, Novahub delivers smart, professional WiFi solutions to small and large business enterprises, retailers of all sizes, venue owners and event organisers, hospitality and guest services providers and visitor attractions such as museums.

In addition to Cambridge Live, Novahub plans to rollout new, smart WiFi connectivity with location-aware, real-time customised content and analytics services to its hospitality, conference and events customers.



Simon Osborne
07788 144 822


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