Managed WiFi. Working for You.

Managed WiFi Services that work for you

Novahub helps organisations address their business and operational challenges with reliable, secure and fast WiFi infrastructure and operations.

With over 20 years delivering managed and supported WiFi services, Novahub is a trusted WiFi partner that guarantees the performance and effectiveness of your WiFi solution. We provide services, support and cloud platforms designed to handle the daily operations of WiFi infrastructure, applications and security to businesses, organisations, and end-users.

WiFi designed around you

Choose from a range of supported and managed WiFi services, custom designed around your specific needs.

Business & Enterprise WiFi

Take full ownership of your WiFi infrastructure and technology.  Custom designed, built and fully supported by Novahub.

Visitor & Hotspot WiFi

Consumable WiFi service that includes complete design, build & hardware, plus ongoing support and maintenance, all paid for monthly.

Temporary Event WiFi

Temporary WiFi for your event or venue, for any size location, indoors and out.  Designed, deployed and supported by Novahub.

Enhance your solution with our WiFi overlay services.

Venue WiFi

Venue WiFi is a fully managed, advanced guest WiFi solution that enables organisations to offer WiFi services to customers, guests, residents and visitors.

Multi-Tenant WiFi

Multi-Tenant WiFi provides reliable, secure internet provisioning and access for site managers and tenants. Setup multiple private networks for separate users.

Advanced WiFi Security

WiFi security is critical to many organisations. Where security is important to you, let us help you decide and implement the most appropriate solution.

Why choose us as your trusted WiFi solution provider?

Discover the benefits of working with Novahub.

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Our coverage guarantee

We’re one of the few WiFi providers that can guarantee the coverage of every one of our solutions.

It’s because we painstakingly survey and scope your site before planning your solution. That means we know your WiFi solution is going to work as expected, even before deployment.

Let’s get moving

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