Problem which needs fixing…

Letting commercial property is highly competitive. To gain as much advantage as possible, promoting property details and particulars to applicants needs to be effective, accurate and up-to-date. Relevant information needs to easily accessible to potential tennants.

The novahub solution

Temporary property WiFi coverage

Novahub can provide temporary, localised WiFi coverage in your properties, providing easy access for any potential tennants. Advertise to applicants on-site and also to those passing nearby. Make relevant, interactive property details directly available. Increase viewing interest.

Easy to setup

No broadband is needed, the novahub solution can work standalone or with 3G/4G mobile if required. We can deploy the solution quickly and easily on-site. Enable the capture of applicant details, and monitor the level of interest.

The End Result

Increased sales and lettings

Advertise available properties more effectively. Improve your presence and visibility on-site. Attract more potential tennants, fill vacant properties quicker, increase turnover.

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