Problem which needs fixing…

Margins are often tight, and business on the high street is competitive. You need to attract and retain customers. You need the best advantage you can get to stay ahead, in the most cost effective way possible.

The novahub solution

Understand your customers better

Capture real-time information of user traffic patterns and reports on presence and position. Gain insights which allows you to target and optimise your layout, your deals and your messages. Directly influence customer behaviour.

Engage with your customers

novahub allows you to create targeted, cost-effective marketing to generate a return on your investment in your WiFi infrastructure.

Cost-effective solution

Capture real-time analytics of consumer traffic patterns and reports on presence and position. Directly influence customer behaviour with real-time location-based marketing, competitive pricing and vendor info from visitors, co-related with consumer and demographic information.

Cost-effective solution

We can overlay the novahub service over your existing WiFi and broadband to minimise cost, or we can provide a new cost-effective system if required.

The End Result

Generate return on your investment

Attract more customers & visitors to your location. Encourage customers to stay longer and spend more, increase productivity of the workplace, and enhance the visitor experience and convenience.

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