The novahub Enterprise Benefits

Enterprise WiFi from novahub provides high-capacity performance WiFi ideal for demanding environments whilst delivering a superior security and experience for all users and devices.

In densely populated environments, traditional WiFi techniques will fail as the number of users and data increases. novahub designs and deploys advanced WiFi which overcomes these limitations and operates reliably, even under heavy load.

Effectively countering the growing level of cyber security threats is critical for any enterprise. novahub advanced enterprise security offers state-of-the-art protection to mitigate the risk of cyber threats your organisation.

Included Features

  • Support for Advanced Enterprise Services
  • Dedicated web portal page
  • Customised Guest Landing Page
  • Web Filtering (basic)
  • Advertising Management (basic)
  • Customer Analytics (basic)
  • Overlay on Existing Network or New Installation
  • Professional survey and installation
  • Unlimited 24/7 UK telephone support
  • Integration with Novahub User Community

Optional Features

  • Advanced Web Filtering
  • Advanced Advertising Management
  • Advanced Customer Analytics
  • On-site support SLA

Specialist Enterprise Features

High Capacity WiFi Solutions

Capable of scaling up to very large numbers of users without degradation for major online events and venues using advanced WiFi hardware. Maintain high performance even when highly loaded.

On-Boarding Management (Bring-Your-Own-Device or BYOD)

Auto-provisioning of employee or visitor devices to using a secure network. Add users easily whilst maintaining security policies.

Advanced WiFi Retail Analytics

Capture real-time analytics of consumer traffic patterns and reports on presence and position. Directly influence customer behaviour with real-time location-based marketing, competitive pricing and vendor info from visitors, co-related with consumer and demographic information.

Advanced WiFi Security

Supports advanced security to protect organisations against cyber security threats and data breaches over the wireless, using integrated unified threat functions including security firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spam.

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