Grow your customer base

We work hard on attracting customers to your business and venue. We encourage users to join up with free innovative and useful features, and bring a growing number of users to your door.

We help you collect information about your customers and their preferences. We provide the means for you to better understand your customers, and allow you refine and market your business more effectively.

The novahub platform provides an advertising and messaging channel directly to end users, and allows you to refine and target your offering to users around the immediate vicinity of your location.

Customer Features (coming soon)

Customer Web Page

All novahub users get access to their own Personal Dashboard. Use it to identify and log preferences, items of interest, possible purchases or places to visit. Receive notifications of discounts, offers and events which are directly relevant to their location.

Seamless Roaming

Move effortlessly between different locations through our novaroam service. It removes the hassle of incessant repeated logins, allowing automatic access to the nearest novahub site without any further intervention.

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