Problem which needs fixing…

Enterprise are demanding on their connectivity, especially WiFi, which is often critical to operational needs.

It must be reliable, safe and stable. It must not compromise company security, must be easy to manage and needs to work smoothly even under high loads.

The novahub solution

Enterprise grade platforms

novahub can implement stable and reliable WiFi backed with an extensive array of enterprise grade platforms. Resilience and redundancy is built in.

Professional solution

novahub provides detailed WiFi survey and design, implementation, testing and handover. State-of-the-art performance WiFi hardware with no degradation under hi-loads. Backed with remote 24/7 business support and SLA response.

The End Result

Operational Integrity and Availability.

Organisation operation runs smoothly, securely and easily. WiFi enhances productivity and convenience of the location and the users. IT support staff work load is minimised.

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