The novahub Business Benefit

The novahub platform provides connectivity solutions for small to large businesses and venues, capable of scaling up to very large numbers of users without service degradation.

We can enable existing WiFi and broadband systems securely with novahub features, without the need to change or compromise the existing hardware. Gain increased user engagement, customer retention and revenue growth.

Customer Profiling allows the capture of real-time end user usage patterns and preferences (known as analytics) which can be used to directly influence customer behaviour. Advertising Management allows venues to use advertising and promotional messages which can be pushed to neaby users, or those entering your site.

Included Features

  • Dedicated web portal page
  • Customised guest landing page
  • Web filtering (basic)
  • Advertising management (basic)
  • Customer analytics (basic)
  • Overlay on Existing Network or New Installation
  • Professional survey and installation
  • Unlimited 24/7 UK telephone support
  • Integration with Novahub User Community

Optional Features

  • Advanced Web Filtering
  • Advanced Advertising Management
  • Advanced Customer Analytics
  • On-site support SLA

Additional Features

Support for Multiple Services

novahub 'Tiered Services' allows a customer to offer multiple WiFi services, with differing characteristics, at the same time. For example, offer a free Tier with limited access and content, and an advanced Tier with unlimited access.

Advanced Web Content Filter

This feature allows you to provide addition protection to your business and for your customers from unwanted, illegal or dangerous content. It allows full flexibility to restrict access to categories of content and even specific sites if required.

Device & User Access Management

This feature allows customers to control which devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc) can access the WiFi by entering the device details, or control who can access the WiFi by creating and issuing passes with unique usernames and passwords.

Collect Valuable Data

novahub can capture a great deal of important and valuable information about people using your WiFi and how, where and when they are using it. This allows you to form a deeper understanding of end user preferences and behaviour.

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