Find out below how to increase the productivity, convenience and value of your businesses and locations:


novahub actively builds and encourages your potential customer base. We enable your businesses to refine and communicate your offering in a focussed way at your location, which users find valuable and attractive. Find out here how we build your customer base.

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novahub connectivity extends from the street, to the shop, to the business and to the venue. We enable a consistent end-user experience and value-added services at your location, where we use analytics to form a detailed understanding of your users. Find out here how we enable profiling and targeted messaging to grow your business.

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Enterprise solutions from novahub provides high-capacity performance WiFi ideal for demanding environments whilst delivering a superior experience for all users and devices, with added advanced features to maximise productivity and security. Find out here how we empower the enterprise.

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novahub Benefits

Delivers Shared Benefits and Value

Using innovative technology, novahub delivers better quality and more relevant information and services to people whilst they are on site, at the shops, in the office, at an event or anywhere they can reach the novahub.

Business and End User benefit

The novahub platform delivers business benefits, flexibility, advanced features, and revenue-generating services, enhance by actively building, supporting and encouraging the end-user community with features and other benefits.

Protect Investment

Secure service overlay means no need to change or compromise existing hardware thus future-proofing your investment.

Seamless Operation

Seamless login between all novahub sites means no-more repeated logins when visiting different sites.

In-Depth Experience

We are backed with a strong pedigree in out-sourced network services and in-depth wireless platforms, including WiFi and other cellular standards and systems knowledge.